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Tina Turner (Angela Bassett) was born Anna Mae Bullock in Nutbush, Tennessee. She was abandoned by her parents and raised by her grandmother. After reuniting with her mother and sister, she meets and eventually marries charismatic band leader Ike Turner (Laurence Fishburne). The volatile relationship turns violent with the drug addicted Ike.There is absolutely nothing wrong with the two leads. In fact, they're doing great work. This is based on Tina Turner's book and even features her performing in the closing credits. Obviously, she has final approval. I don't have a problem with that since her abuse by Ike is well documented. It does leave a sense of sanitized history to some extend. It's much better than a TV biopic but it still some of that flavor. While it doesn't back away from the abuse or Ike's drug use, it shows the ugliness but the style of the movie lacks the darkness. I leave that mostly on director Brian Gibson who doesn't have much in the way of style. This is a solid biopic but with the two great leads, I expect more.

What's Love Got to Do with It movie mp4 download

First, I should note that I don't know most of Tina Turner's music, and I've never seen any of her performances. That said, "What's Love Got to Do with It" is a fine movie. Even though biopics have become a cliché - and many of them are cynical excuses to get the stars Academy Award nominations (the god-awful "Man on the Moon" is one of the worst offenders) - this is still a movie that you have to see. Starting with Tina's humble beginnings when she was still known as Anna Mae Bullock, we see her move to St. Louis where she meets Ike Turner. She soon becomes part of his act and marries him, only to find out that he has a volatile side.Angela Bassett puts on the performance of a lifetime as Tina. I understand that she managed to impersonate Tina's moves to a tee. And then there's Laurence Fishburne as the abusive Ike. His performance made me feel as if I was walking on eggshells. The rest of the characters aren't developed that extensively, but the focus is supposed to be on Tina and Ike anyway.Bassett and Fishburne received Oscar nods for their performances. Although they didn't win, you can't deny the effort that they put into these roles. It affirms them as two of the greatest actors of their generations. It's one outstanding film, and I recommend it.In more recent developments, Ike died in 2007. Tina renounced her US citizenship and now lives in Switzerland with her current husband.

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In an interview with Rolling Stone, when asked about the lyrics "Keep her coming every night" and "Sinking my fingertips into every inch of you", Levine said: "Yep, that's sexual, all right. I was so sick of typical lyrics like 'Ooh, baby' and 'I love you' and all this vague shit. I thought the more explicit I got without being totally explicit was a nice approach. The little girls would enjoy them, and it would go right over my grandparents' heads. But it would hit my ex-girlfriend like a ton of bricks. It was perfect."[3] He also comments on how MTV played an edited version of the song for the music video, with the word "coming" edited out of the line "keep her coming every night".[6] Levine noted, "MTV has now edited the language. They won't let me say, 'Keep her coming every night', and they took the sinking out of 'sinking my fingertips'. It's like communist China. It's totally bizarre."[3]

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While they do enjoy movies together, a more common family scene is for the four of them to cuddle while listening to an audio book that Bob has downloaded from the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped BARD site.

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So all of these things let me-- I wrote about all of these things in a paper called Full Week Faith, and it's available online free to download. You can read more information about it. And there's also a study guide that goes along with it as well. I wrote it in a way that religious professionals could take this document and share it with laypeople, because we all know these common issues.

And also collectively, what is the gift our congregation can share in the world. And where the context comes into that is knowing where you are in your area. So knowing who are the neighbors around me who I may be serving with the gifts that I have. Or who are the neighbors around me who I could be partnering with to bring more love and light into the world right here and right now.

There's a church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire that is doing a Families First Night. So the first Wednesday of the month, I think it is, families show up at quarter of five with their kids. They share pizza together, or the kids have pizza. They go downstairs. They watch a movie. They spend time with the religious educator.

And the ministers have a small group discussion with parents around a theme that has to do with things that couples grapple with; love, jealousy, money. Every month is a different theme. They spend a half an hour in a small group setting together and then the parents go out and have dinner together and come back in two hours and pick up their kids. So that's an example of what a shift in that direction might look like.

So Full Week Faith, I really tried hard to ground in our good theology and our good history, and starting, of course, with these five smooth stones of James Luther Adams. Not the least of which says that we have all of the resources available to us to do the work of love in the world. So that's really a part of what Full Week Faith proposes. 350c69d7ab

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