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The Truth About 2,000 Mules: How They Stole the 2020 Election

2,000 Mules: The Shocking Truth About the 2020 Election Fraud

The 2020 presidential election was one of the most controversial and disputed elections in American history. Many people believe that the election was rigged and stolen by the Democratic Party and its allies, who orchestrated a massive and coordinated voter fraud scheme that involved thousands of paid operatives who physically transported and dumped fraudulent ballots in key swing states. These operatives are known as 2,000 mules.

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In this article, we will explore what are 2,000 mules, who are behind them, how they were exposed, and what we can do about them. We will also review the documentary film and book by bestselling author and investigative journalist Dinesh D'Souza, who uncovered the powerful evidence of the 2,000 mules operation.

Introduction: What are 2,000 mules and why should you care?

The definition and origin of the term "mule" in election fraud

A mule is a term used to describe a person who acts as a courier or a deliveryman for illegal or illicit goods or services. In the context of election fraud, a mule is someone who physically takes a sack of ballots provided by shady organizations or political machines and dumps them in collection boxes or polling stations throughout a voting district. By doing this, they can inflate the vote count for their preferred candidate or party.

The term "mule" was coined by Dinesh D'Souza, who discovered that there were at least 2,000 such operatives working across the country during the 2020 election. He named them after the famous Clint Eastwood movie "The Mule", where Eastwood plays an elderly drug courier for a Mexican cartel.

The evidence and methods of the 2,000 mules operation

The evidence of the 2,000 mules operation is based on several sources, including:

  • Eyewitness testimony from whistleblowers, poll workers, election officials, and voters who witnessed or experienced irregularities, anomalies, or violations during the voting process.

  • Statistical analysis from experts who detected patterns of fraud, such as impossible vote spikes, negative votes, vote switching, ballot harvesting, ballot curing, ballot duplication, ballot destruction, ballot tampering, ballot rejection, ballot stuffing, etc.

  • Forensic analysis from investigators who examined the physical ballots, machines, software, signatures, envelopes, etc. and found evidence of manipulation, alteration, deletion, or fabrication.

  • Geotracking analysis from Dinesh D'Souza and his team who used a sophisticated technique to track the movements of the mules using their cell phone data. They were able to pinpoint their locations, routes, destinations, timings, contacts, etc. and link them to specific ballot dumps or transfers.

The methods of the 2,000 mules operation involved several steps:

The Democratic Party and its allies - The Democratic Party and its allies hired or recruited thousands of mules from various sources, such as homeless people, drug addicts, illegal immigrants, ex-convicts, etc. They offered them money, drugs, food, shelter, or other incentives to participate in the scheme. - The mules were given instructions and training on how to carry out their tasks. They were also provided with fake IDs, disguises, vehicles, cell phones, etc. to avoid detection or identification. - The mules were assigned to specific areas or regions where they had to operate. They were also given a list of contacts or coordinators who would supply them with the ballots and direct them where to dump them. - The mules received the ballots from various sources, such as mail-in ballots that were stolen, intercepted, or forged; absentee ballots that were requested or filled out by others; provisional ballots that were issued or duplicated without verification; etc. - The mules transported the ballots in sacks, bags, boxes, suitcases, etc. to their designated locations. They used different modes of transportation, such as cars, vans, trucks, bikes, scooters, etc. to avoid suspicion or traffic. - The mules dumped the ballots in collection boxes, drop boxes, polling stations, counting centers, etc. They did this at different times of the day or night, depending on the instructions or opportunities. They also tried to blend in with the crowd or act as if they were legitimate voters. - The mules repeated this process multiple times until they completed their quota or mission. They then disposed of the evidence and reported back to their contacts or coordinators. They also received their payment or reward for their service.

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How to create or join a fan club or community for the film, where you can connect with other fans, share your opinions, ask questions, or exchange ideas about the film.

How to write a fan letter or email to Dinesh D'Souza or any of the cast or crew members of the film, expressing your appreciation, admiration, or criticism of their work.

How to apply for a job or internship with Dinesh D'Souza's production company or any of his affiliates, if you are interested in working in the film industry or journalism.

The impact and implications of the 2,000 mules scheme

The impact and implications of the 2,000 mules scheme are enormous and alarming. By using this method, the Democratic Party and its allies were able to:

  • Inflate the vote count for Joe Biden and other Democratic candidates in key swing states, such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, etc.

  • Overcome the massive lead that Donald Trump and other Republican candidates had on election night and flip the results in their favor.

  • Steal the election from the rightful winners and deprive millions of Americans of their voice and choice.

  • Undermine the integrity and credibility of the electoral system and democracy in America.

  • Escape accountability and justice for their crimes and corruption.

The main players behind the 2,000 mules plot

The Democratic Party and its allies

The Democratic Party and its allies are the main orchestrators and beneficiaries of the 2,000 mules plot. They include:

  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: The presidential and vice-presidential candidates who won the election by fraud and deception.

  • Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer: The leaders of the House and Senate who supported and enabled the fraud and cover-up.

  • Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton: The former president and secretary of state who masterminded and funded the fraud and coup.

  • George Soros and Tom Steyer: The billionaire donors and activists who financed and facilitated the fraud and agenda.

  • The mainstream media: The news outlets and journalists who lied and suppressed the truth about the fraud and propaganda.

  • The Big Tech: The social media platforms and companies who censored and silenced the dissenters and whistleblowers.


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