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The Mistress Tagalog Movie Torrent Download //TOP\\

Philbert Ortiz Dy gave the film 3 out of 5 stars. He stated that The Mistress doesn't do a very good job of exploring what it is to be a mistress.[38] It only depicts a few stolen moments from the adulterous relationship, focusing instead on the budding romance between the two younger characters.[...]The movie isn't as complex as the premise makes it sound. Though it tackles mature subject matter and plays with Oedipal themes, the film is really much more about the love story than it is about the adultery.[38] He also stated that The Mistress can still be quite affecting. Taken away from the larger narrative, the movie is able to build a compelling fantasy that's far more romantic than one would expect and It still makes a compelling case for itself every now and then.[38]

the mistress tagalog movie torrent download

Mark Angelo Ching and Jocelyn Dimaculangan of PEP also gave a positive response to the film, they stated that, "This movie casts a sympathetic look at someone who agrees to be a kept woman in exchange for a huge debt. But far from glorifying the mistress, the film delves into the heartwrenching pain brought about by being caught in this four-sided love affair."[41] 350c69d7ab

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