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What is a 1 Goal Over/Under Bet? How to Always Win at 1 Goal Over/Under Betting

A 1 goal over/under bet is a common and fairly straightforward type of bet in sports betting. But what exactly is a 1 goal over/under bet? When does it usually appear in matches? How do you read the odds and determine the results? In this article, we'll answer these questions and share some tips to help you win at 1 goal over/under betting more easily. Let's dive in to better understand this type of bet!

What is a 1 Goal Over/Under Bet?

A 1 goal over/under bet is a popular type of wager chosen by many because it's simpler than a 1.5 goal over/under bet and has a high success rate. When you place a 1 goal over/under bet, the bookmaker provides odds for the total number of goals scored in either the first half or the entire match, depending on the specific competition. Your task is to predict whether the total number of goals scored by both teams after the first half or the whole match will be more or less than one goal.

You can identify an over/under bet on the bookmaker's odds table through symbols like O/U, 1H O/U, Full Match Over/Under, First Half Over/Under, Second Half Over/Under, etc. If you predict the result will be higher than the given score, choose the over (O) option; if you predict lower, choose the under (U) option. Depending on the match outcome, there are three possible scenarios:

No goals scored: The over bet loses, and the under bet wins.

One goal scored: Both bets are refunded.

More than one goal scored: The over bet wins, and the under bet loses.

How to Calculate Winnings in a 1 Goal Over/Under Bet

In 1 goal over/under bets, there can be a draw situation where the player gets their money back. Here’s the formula for calculating winnings in different scenarios:

Winnings = Bet Amount x Odds (if the odds are positive)

Winnings = Bet Amount x 1 (if the odds are negative)

Losses = Bet Amount x Odds (if the odds are negative)

Losses = Bet Amount x 1 (if the odds are positive)

To understand how to calculate winnings better, let's consider an example:

In a match between Mumbai City and Nassaji Mazandaran in the AFC Champions League, there's a 1 goal over/under bet in the first half. The odds for the over bet are 0.870, and the odds for the under bet are 0.830. If you place a $100 bet on each, the following scenarios might occur:

If the total goals in the first half are 2 or more: The over bet wins, and the winnings are $100 x 0.87 = $87 plus the original $100 bet. In this case, the under bet loses, and you lose $100.

If the total goals in the first half are exactly 1: All bets are refunded.

If no goals are scored in the first half: The under bet wins, and the winnings are $100 x 0.83 = $83 plus the original $100 bet. The over bet loses, and you lose $100.

Tips for Winning at 1 Goal Over/Under Betting

Beyond being entertaining, 1 goal over/under betting is also seen as a way for some bettors to make significant profits in online football betting. If you truly want to win and earn a lot of rewards, you need to employ some strategies shared by experienced bettors:

Research Teams

While you don't need to predict which team will win in a 1 goal over/under bet, researching the teams can help you predict the number of goals likely to be scored. Consider the following:

Lineup information before the match.

Player details and team chemistry.

Recent performance of both teams.

Historical head-to-head matchups.

Strengths and weaknesses of both teams.

Ensure you get your information bookmaker toolbetting from reliable sources to avoid inaccurate predictions. Analyzing this data effectively can help you make reasonable betting decisions.

Choose the Right Betting Time

The timing of your bet is crucial in 1 goal over/under betting. Typically, this bet applies to the first half and the first 60 minutes of the second half, so you need to closely monitor the match's progress to place your bet appropriately.

Use Flexible Betting Capital

When betting, divide your capital into smaller portions to use wisely. This way, even if you lose, it won't significantly impact your life. Betting always carries uncertainties, and one wrong decision can lead to a total loss. You can also consider using the Martingale strategy to recover losses with a well-thought-out plan. Winning one bet can help you recoup your losses and earn a profit.

Stay Calm and Collected

Treat 1 goal over/under betting as a fun game rather than obsessing over winning. Stressing too much about winning can lead to losing your composure, making rash decisions if you happen to lose. Therefore, staying calm and maintaining a relaxed mindset gives you a better chance of winning. During the match, don't let outside comments sway your decisions, as momentary impulses can lead to mistakes.

These are the essential insights about 1 goal over/under betting and effective strategies shared by experienced bettors. By applying these tips, you increase your chances of success significantly. We hope this article helps you understand this type of bet better and use these tips to win more rewards at reputable betting sites.

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