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Hunter Ramirez
Hunter Ramirez

Moments Back Then Ti Download 14 UPDATED

Everytime I try to download an App, it says I have to verify my account information to continue. I have tried verifing, reentering, changing credit card, and changing shipping address. Everytime I input my credit card info and press enter it gos back to account info screen and say to call support. When I call support, the tell me that It might be something with shipping address. No help AT ALL. Does anyone know a work around for this?

moments back then ti download 14

I Had the same problem.... Turns out, they were trying to charge me charges for in-app purchases that were denied by my debit card. (I only keep a small amount on that card for iTunes/App Store) For whatever reason, they do not immediately charge your credit/debit card when you make an in app purchase... Usually there are two or three at a time charged. However, as you've been credited for in app purchases that are denied by your card, you get this message, which then prevents you from doing any updating or downloading until you give them a payment method that has $$ available to pay the past balance. It's frustrating... If they'd run the charges immediately they'd not have this issue and we'd not get frustrated..... 350c69d7ab

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