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Vidhaata: A Patriarchal Saga of Revenge and Redemption

Vidhaata: A Patriarchal Saga of Revenge and Redemption

Vidhaata (1982) is a Hindi film directed by Subhash Ghai and produced by Gulshan Raiâs company Trimurti Films. It stars Dilip Kumar, Sanjay Dutt and Padmini Kolhapure in lead roles. The film explores the theme of patriarchy and how it affects the lives of three generations of men.

The film begins with Shamsher Singh (Dilip Kumar), a wealthy and powerful landlord who rules over his village with an iron fist. He has a son, Pratap Singh (Suresh Oberoi), who is an honest and upright police officer. Pratap is married to Durga (Padmini Kolhapure), a simple and loving girl who is pregnant with their child.

One day, Pratap arrests a notorious smuggler named David (Tom Alter) and his gang, who are working for Sir Mizia (Shreeram Lagoo), a corrupt businessman and politician. Sir Mizia orders David to kill Pratap and his family. David succeeds in killing Pratap, but fails to kill Durga and her newborn son, Kunal.

Vidhata Full Movie 1982 Hd 174

Durga escapes with Kunal and takes shelter in a slum, where she meets Abu Baba (Sanjeev Kumar), a kind-hearted and generous man who runs an orphanage. Abu Baba adopts Kunal as his own son and raises him with love and care. Kunal grows up to be a brave and loyal young man (Sanjay Dutt), who considers Abu Baba as his father.

Meanwhile, Shamsher Singh is devastated by the loss of his son and vows to take revenge on Sir Mizia and David. He hires a gang of thugs led by Bheema (Birbal) to kill them. However, he does not know that Bheema is actually working for Sir Mizia and is planning to betray him.

The film reaches its climax when Kunal decides to avenge Abu Baba's death, who is killed by David on Sir Mizia's orders. He discovers his grandfather's true identity and the reason behind his father's death. He joins forces with Shamsher Singh to fight against Sir Mizia and David. The film ends with Kunal killing David and Shamsher Singh killing Sir Mizia, thus fulfilling their revenge.

Vidhaata was the first Hindi film produced outside of Bombay. It was shot in various locations in India, such as Kashmir, Rajasthan, Delhi and Hyderabad. The film was a huge commercial success and became the highest-grossing film of 1982. It also won several awards, including the Filmfare Award for Best Film.

The film is known for its melodious music composed by Kalyanji-Anandji, with lyrics by Anand Bakshi. The songs "Saat Saheliyan", "Udi Baba", "Hathon Ki Chand Lakeeron Ka" and "Pyar Ka Imtihaan" are still popular among the audiences. The film also features some memorable performances by the veteran actors Dilip Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar and Shammi Kapoor.

Vidhaata is a classic example of Subhash Ghai's style of filmmaking, which combines drama, action, romance, comedy and music. It is a film that showcases the power of patriarchy and how it shapes the destiny of men.

Vidhaata received mostly positive reviews from the critics and the audiences. The film was praised for its engaging story, powerful dialogues, melodious music and stellar performances by the lead actors. The film was particularly noted for the confrontation scenes between Dilip Kumar and Sanjeev Kumar, who shared the screen for the first time. The film also marked the debut of Sanjay Dutt, who later became one of the most popular stars of Hindi cinema.

Vidhaata was a major box office success and became the highest-grossing film of 1982 in India. It also did well overseas, especially in the United Kingdom, where it was among the top ten grossers of the year. The film was also a hit in Pakistan, where it ran for more than 50 weeks. The film earned several awards and nominations, including the Filmfare Award for Best Film.

Vidhaata is considered as one of the best films of Subhash Ghai, who is known as the "showman" of Hindi cinema. The film is also regarded as one of the finest works of Dilip Kumar, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest actors of Indian cinema. The film has attained a cult status among the fans and is often shown on television channels. 29c81ba772

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