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Mixed Betting | Calculation Method and Some Essential Tips

What is Mixed Betting?

Mixed betting in English is called Mix Parlay, also known as combo bets, accumulator bets, parlay bets, or combo bets. This is a relatively complex form of betting because players choose multiple odds within the same betting instance.

The advantage of this type of bet is that it carries a relatively low risk, and if you win, the payout is significant because the winning odds are multiplied. However, if the team you bet on loses, you will lose your entire bet amount. With such appeal, mixed betting has attracted a large number of betting enthusiasts, and most major bookmakers in the market offer this type of wager.

Accurate calculation method for mixed bets

It can be said that mixed betting is one of the most attractive types of bets today. However, not everyone can participate because they may not fully understand how to calculate the odds. Below, we will provide you with the most basic calculation methods. Stay tuned!

Calculate mixed bets in Asian handicap and over/under odds

Asian handicap and over/under odds are popular bet types in mixed betting, but their odds calculation can be relatively complex. To calculate mixed bets, remember the following formula:

Mixed bet odds = Winning odds x [(Odds for a half win - 1)/2] x ½ (if half loss) x 1 (if a draw) x ... Odds n.

The amount a bettor receives when winning depends on the odds. Odds are calculated as the multiplier of each leg.

If any leg wins, the winnings are calculated using the formula: [(Odds ratio -1)/2] + 1.

If any leg loses, the parlay odds will be halved.

If the leg is a draw, the bettor receives the initial stake.

To help players understand how to calculate mixed football bets 1x2, let's consider the following example:

Suppose you place $300 on a 3-leg mixed bet, and the outcomes are as follows:

  • Manchester United with odds of 2 ¾, and the final goal total is 3.

  • Chelsea with odds of -¼, resulting in a draw.

  • Manchester City with odds of -½, requiring a Manchester City victory with a score of 3-0.

In this case, Manchester United has a half-win odds, Chelsea has a half-loss odds, and Manchester City has a full-win odds. The mixed bet odds are calculated using the formula: [1 + (2.05-1)/2 x ½ x 2.10] = 0.55125.

In other words, the amount you receive for this mixed bet is $165.375.

Calculate mixed bets in European handicap

Compared to the two bet types mentioned above, the European handicap has a simpler calculation for mixed bets. The specific formula is:

Mixed bet odds = Odds for bet 1 x Odds for bet 2 x Odds for bet 3 x ... X Odds for bet n.

For example, if you participate in a 3-leg bet with a stake of $300:

  • Team England has odds of 1.8.

  • Team France has odds of 1.5.

  • Team Germany has odds of 1.5.

In this case, your mixed bet odds are calculated using the formula 1.8 x 1.5 x 1.5 = 4.482. If all three teams win, your winnings will be $300 x 4.482 = $1344.6.

However, if just one of the three teams loses, you will lose the entire initial bet of $300.

Important considerations when playing mixed bets

Once you have grasped how to calculate mixed bets in football, it's essential for betting enthusiasts to consider the following factors to avoid losses:

  • Mixed bets should not include odds from the same match.

  • Players can combine mixed football bets with odds from other sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc., as long as they are offered by the same bookmaker.

  • Participants should avoid being overly ambitious with long parlays. While this may offer the potential for significant winnings, it also carries the risk of depleting your funds if one leg of the bet is lost.

  • The recommended number of legs for a mixed bet is between 2 and 4.

Effective tips for playing mixed bets

We will provide effective mixed betting football tips win synthesized from various experts to help you increase your chances of winning. Specifically, as follows:

Master the rules of the game

The rules and regulations when playing are the first important factors that participants need to grasp before engaging in any betting market. To have effective mixed betting, you should first thoroughly understand the playing rules of the bookmaker.

Each bookmaker has its own set of rules, so you cannot apply the rules of one bookmaker to others.

Focus on one mixed bet

A seasoned gambler's experience in playing mixed bets is to avoid excessive greed and instead focus on a single match. This approach allows you to concentrate and make careful calculations when placing parlays. If you play effectively, just one match is sufficient to secure a substantial amount of winnings.

Place bets at the right time

This is one of the factors you need to pay attention to when playing mixed bets. Bettors need to choose the right time to place their bets.

Apply the method of betting against what you have already bet on in that match. However, this strategy may not always yield the expected results, so careful consideration is necessary.

Bet on matches with high winning odds

Mixed betting is a challenging type of wager that requires participants to have a solid understanding of the matches they are betting on. It's advisable not to be tempted by matches with high odds, as the difficulty level tends to be proportional to the odds. Analyze the match thoroughly, calculate the winning probability, and then proceed with placing your bets.

Hopefully, through the information shared by Wintips in the article, you have gained some understanding of how to accurately calculate mixed bets and have learned how to play effectively. Wishing you success in applying this knowledge to place successful bets and win substantial prize money. Read more: Soccer time to win prediction for Today and the Following Day

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